Paleo Weekly Meal Plan {July 21-27, 2014}

 Here's this week's meal plan for the week of July 14-20, 2014. As a note: All of these are meals are "Guidelines" -- I always listen to my body and don't eat if I'm not hungry or I eat a little extra if I'm still hungry! So some of these meals  might not happen or they might happen at a different time of the day! Day Meal 1 Meal 2 Meal 3 Day 1 • Nothing • Applegate Farm Sausages • Poached Egg • Cherry Tomatoes • Chicken + Broccoli Recipe in NEW book! Day 2 • Eggs • Sausage • Nada • Stir Fry Day 3 • Nothing, Early Shoot • Eggs • Greek Salad • Steak + Mushroom Stir Fry Day 4 • Eggs + Sausages • Fresh Veggies •  Stir Fry Day 5 • Eggs  • Sausage • Wedding!!! • Wedding!!! Day 6 • Eggs • Sausage • ... read more


My kind of Greek Salad

Morning Gorgeous! It's Monday and I'm starting the week off right with a new recipe! You guessed it ... It's my version of a Greek Salad! So here's the skinny -- I'm actually half Greek. Which translates to I have a love of all things feta, I have no fear of butter/olive oil and I tan like a ... read more

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