Time management.

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Ok so I’m not the biggest fan of the phrase “Time Management” but it’s really the only way to describe what I’m blogging about today.  I personally feel like knowing how to make a bigger sized meal more efficiently is just as important as saving money on it. I mean think about it, you’re on a budget for a reason right? So because of that reason…you probably don’t want to be in the kitchen for three or four hours making dinner every night


I Made:
•Sweet Potato spears
•Stuffed Mushrooms
•Bacon + Onion topped Burgers
•Mayo-lemon dip for the sweet potatos

Sounds like a lot… ohhh it isn’t… You ready..you sure .. ok go!

Sweet Potato Spears:
{I got these in the oven first because they take the longest..But! Before I get started I normally grab one of my frozen sausages and let it start to thaw out on  the counter(for the stuffed mushrooms)}
2 Sweet Potatoes
Olive Oil
Salt + Pepper

How to: Pre-heat oven to 350. Cut up the sweet potatoes in little wedges or spears, what ever you like. Just make sure they’re on the thinner side and as evenly sliced as  you can get it. Put them in your baking sheet, drizzle with Olive Oil, Seasoning, Salt + Pepper. Toss together, spread them out so they’re as close to single layer as possible. Pop into the oven for 25-40 minutes.


From there…. Grab your Bacon, Eggs, medium sized onion, and your meat

I Put my bacon on at this point for the burgers, so while I’m assembling the mushrooms..that’s cooking away for me!


Stuffed Mushrooms:
•1 Package of white button mushrooms {really use any one that you like that can hold a filling}
•1 Sausage
• 1 tsp Rosemary
•1 Egg
• Optional: Raw Cheese

Wipe off and de-stem {if needed…} your mushrooms, arrange them in your baking dish. Cut up your sausage as tiny as you can, add that and one egg into a bowl, slightly beat it together. Add rosemaryy, pepper, and if you want a little salt. {If you wanted to add cheese finely grate it and add it into the mixture} Mix it all together. With a spoon, fill each mushroom with some of it, make sure you get a piece of sausage in each mushroom cap. Cover tightly {super super tight} and bake for about 15-20 minutes {in the same oven as your sweet potatoes}. By the time these are done your sweet potatoes will be almost done as well

{Sweet Potatoes sometimes take a bit longer sometimes they all come out at the same time depends on how crispy you want your sweet potatoes!}

So your bacon is done, your mushrooms and sweet potatoes are baking woohoo! Now, you’ll have left over bacon grease..yummy! Add that grease to a separate pan, slice up your onions and throw them into that pan. I’d say medium-ish heat,  and let them go to town getting nice and soft and caramelized.

•1 lb ground beef (85 – 90 % lean!)
• 1 tsp rosemary
• Salt + Pepper

I put my meat in a bowl with spices and get my hands dirty and mix all around. Don’t over mix your meat! It can become tough if you over work it. Form into whatever size patties you fancy. I do little ones because they make me happy.
In the same pan you cooked your bacon in, put your burgers in that one. Cook until they’re as done as you like them {I do about 3 minutes per a side…ish}
When they’re done they might be greasy, so I let them drain on a papertowel for a few minutes.

Everything should be done at this point, plate it up! I do burgers with bacon and onions right on top.. but if you want it somewhere else feel free.

Oh right mayo! I’ve put the recipe for mayo here, then just add lemon juice until it’s the way you like it for a dip {I also add extra pepper}.


So all in all it took me about 45 minutes tops.. but I was doing a few things at once…so you might finish it quicker than I did!

Alrighty paleo peeps enjoy!


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