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Have you guys seen the movie Easy A yet? I thought it was freakin’ hilarious. The title of the post reminded me of it.. hence I’m being that random and telling you to go rent it ASAP.

But back to my post…Β  Cheap.. Easy…. Efficent.. that’s where I’m headed today.
But what could be that amazing? Well two things… Reusing Jars and Bacon grease that’s what.Β  Let’s think about this.. You cook bacon a lot I’m going to guess {all my non-bacon fans I’m sorry! I promise to have a post for you guys that’s similar soon!}. What do you do with the grease? Do you toss it?! Ok.. now you’re hurting my paleo-heart.

Don’t Toss it! Get yourself a jar, I like glass jars… they’re pretty.. make my kitchen look pretty.. I know what’s in ’em and I don’t pay for them.

I save my ghee containers and reuse them for things like bacon grease, making salad dressings,Β  mayo-dip sorta things, etc. Why throw out the container if it’s reusable? I hate buying stuff if I don’t have to.. and who wants to lug a case of mason jars up three flights of stairs? Not me.
So save you’re coconut Oil Containers, Ghee Containers …. whatever jars you get. You can store nuts in them, all the stuff I just mentioned, dried herbs, extra sauce, or food. You could even use them to store utensils, cooking stuff, supplies… Or reuse them and turn them into gifts later on…. You know if you want to give food, or you could make one those cute little sewing kits in a jar, or a shoe polishing kit in a jar. Wow I’m full of creative gift giving ideas at the moment… I’m so going to do a Holiday Present giving for cheap blog post in a few months!

But the thing is… you can store your bacon grease in there… bacon grease is one of my favorite things to cook with. You can use it when you roast veggies in the oven, when you’re frying things up, when you make eggs, when you need to grease down a panΒ  for some form of paleo baking… this list is never ending.
And why pay $4-$8 per a bottle of Olive Oil? Grab yourself a jar, Pour your left over bacon grease in it next time you make bacon, seal it up, but it in the fridge. When you go home and make something on the stove top tonight, use a spoon and spoon out what you need and store the rest. Then the next time you make bacon you can put the grease on top of your existing bacon grease and build up a nice stash for yourself. I find I run out of bacon grease way to fast to actually store it for long. But I buy Olive Oil maybe once a month now {the regular Olive Oil.. not the extra light stuff for mayo. That Olive Oil totally depends on how frequent I’m making mayo}. I’m only using it now for salads and finishing on dishes or If I make roasted sweet potatoes { I would use bacon grease but I never have enough for it}. And yes I still use ghee because I like the flavor and I like mixing it up the flavors in my food.

Give it a try, see if you’re Olive Oil and Ghee usage slow down a bit and help you stretch that dollar a little bit more.

Last quick tip! Last night I used ghee to cook some steak on the stove top, and I had some onions caramelizing to go on top. Right before my steaks were done, I took some of the combine steak juice and ghee in the pan and spooned it over the onions. They came out so so yummy, and it’s a great way not to waste what you’d normally just toss!


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