Chicken Tenders

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I love chicken, I love chicken tender-ish things, and I like chicken that isn’t dry. {that last part being key} So I’ve adapted an idea from my rock awesome Mum.Way back when Mr. Not So Paleo and I moved into together she gave me for the idea to coat the chicken in mayo, smother in bread crumbs and bake. She told me to do it with normal chicken breasts, but alas I do it on chicken tenders. Either way it’s yum, easy, and did I mention yummy?

The other thing is if you coat your chicken already in some sorta paleo crumb is coating {like a ground up nut mixture or whatever else} feel free to use that, you’re favorite will totally work in this instance.

• Chicken Tenders
• Paleo Mayo
• Almond meal / crumbs
• Coconut Flour
• Your favorite Seasonings
• Salt + Pepper

How To:
• Preheat oven to 350 degrees
• Make your mayo if you haven’t and get out two dishes {Mine have edges to them so stuff doesn’t go everywhere!}. In one dish I’d spoon a few tablespoons of mayo {depending on the amount of chicken you have}. In the other dish I’d do a 2 part almond meal one part coconut flour mixture.. or even just almond meal with a dusting of coconut flour. If you don’t have coconut it is 100% fine, just use almond meal. It will still taste amazing!
• In each dish make sure it’s seasoned so salt pepper whatever your favorite seasoning is, you want to make sure you’re adding flavor at every possible step.
• Have a baking dish {If you have a wire rack use that in it too, it’ll help not make them soggy} right next to you and go to town. Take the chicken tender dredge in the mayo {so it’s pretty coated} and then in the almond meal mixture and onto the rack.
• Bake for 20-30 Minutes, let them cool for a minute and you’re good to go!

* If you don’t have chicken tenders you can slice up a chicken breast or just coat and cook it as is, just adjust cooking time.

I served this with cauliflower rice {Because I’m on the whole30 I used olive oil instead of butter in the cauliflower rice}. If you’re not on the Whole30, whip up some honey mustard to go along with these {and to make it more classic pair with sweet potato fries!}


These cost me around $4.00 t0 make for 2 people which makes it $2.00/serving.. Yeah… where else can you get chicken tenders for that price? Exactly! Make them :)


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