Steak + Yummy

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This was beyond yummy. One of my favorite flavor combinations is peppers mushrooms and onions sauteed. Not to mention steak really goes with almost anything. I used to love these on a sub roll.. but really this mix is so much better without the bread. You get more steak per bite, which = amazing. I used shaved steak for this and before that I made it with just steak tips.. either or will work. If you’re going to do this as a meal for paleo and non paleo people I’d go with the shaved steak because it’s better for sandwiches, all paleo people? Go with steak tips it’s wicked good.

But a quick word on the shaved steak? It’s yum, it cooks quick because it’s so thin, and it’s generally cheaper or on manager special / discounted price more often because a lot of people don’t eat it. It’s one of those random cuts of meat everyone forgets about… Stop! Don’t forget about it, buy it try it! You’ll love it, it happens to be Mr. Not So Paleo’s  favorite form of steak and did I mention it cooks quick? Bonus.

Steak + Yummy
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  1. • 1.5 lbs shaved steak
  2. • One Large onion, sliced
  3. • Bag of frozen Pepper strips {12 0z}
  4. • 8oz of mushroom slices
  5. • Seasoning of choice {I used Italian Seasoning}, Salt + Pepper
  6. • Coconut Oil
  7. • Scallions - Optional
  8. • Mayo - Optional but highly recommended
  1. 1.) Big Skillet drop some coconut oil in and get it melty. Toss in your sliced onions let those start to sweat.
  2. 2.) Add in mushrooms, let those get to be friends with the onions, after they’ve cooked for like 5 minutes add in your peppers.
  3. 3.) A few minutes before you’re ready to eat {depending on how much steak you have} Toss in your steak and seasoning {to taste} and then boom it’s done. I topped mine with some scallions {totally optional}. Yeah it was that easy and yummy.
Paleo On A Budget

Here’s Mr. Not So Paleo’s Meal:

I just put his on english muffins { or you could a sub roll, sandwich bread, whatever your not so Paleo member would like }, cheddar cheese, ketchup, {paleo} mayo, scallions. As you can see I made carrot fries and we both had them, if carrot fries don’t work then you could bake regular fries for them. Or just do a side salad or veggies or whatever you’d like!


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      • Courtnie says

        Thanks! What an easy quick recipe. Although I’ll probably microwave the frozen peppers and drain before adding next time. I had a lot of water going on in the skillet!


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