Paleo Couponing…

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So as most you know… I did a little shopping today… ok not a little shopping a lot of shopping.. All couponing.. All epic… And saved some good money.. You ready for this?
I was literally dancing around the stores with some of my steals of the day…

And this just proves you can Coupon and be Paleo!


I bought….
• 2 Dawn Hand Renewal 9oz Dish Liquid Soaps {On Sale for $0.99, used a $1/2 Coupon = $0.50 per!}
• 1 Dawn 90z Dish Liquid Soap {On Sale for $0.99, used a $0.20/1 Coupon = $0.79!}
• 2 Rolls Paper Towels, $0.69/each {Used my in-ad coupon for the sale, normally $0.99}
• 2 70 ft. Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil {Normally $3.99, with In-Ad Coupon = $3.19/1 then used a $1.50/1 Coupon=$1.69 each!}
• Bayer Asprin 100count {My favorite deal from Walgreens!}. {Normally $11.79, on “last chance clearance for $5.79, then used $1.00/1 = $4.79}
So I spent $11.32 on what should have been around $30.00 worth of stuff…. Not to shabby!

I bought….
• 1 Method Dish liquid Soap {Normally $2.99, Used Target $1/1 and MFR Coupon $1/1 = $0.99!}
• 1 4 pack GE Bulbs {Normally $2.39, used Target Coupon $2/1 = $0.39… Which come to under $0.10 per bulb!}
• 1 Green Works Bleach {Normally $3.99 Used Target $1/1 Coupon and MFR Coupon $2/1 = $0.99!}
• 1 Starbucks Blonde Roast, Ground {Normally $8.99 On Sale for $7.99, used $1/1 = $6.99}
• 1 Starbucks Refresher Drink {Normally $2.29, Used Buy Starbucks Ground Coffee Get 1 Refresher Free Peelie off of coffee :) }
• 2 Stay Free Pads, 24 ct {Normally $3.00, On Clearance for $2.45, used $1/1 Coupon = $1.45 per!}

So I spent, $12.26 on $26.65 worth of stuff! I didn’t go out with getting the pads in mind.. but I always check clearance.. and low and behold. So ALWAYS check clearance… You could score majorly.

Grocery Store:
{My grocery store does not double coupons, and does not allow me to stack their own coupons and MFR Coupons… so it’s trickier to save money/coupon}
• 2 boxes Club Crackers {For my Yiayia!} {Normally $2.00 each, used $0.70/1 = $1.30 each!}
• 75 Sq Feet Aluminum Foil {Normally $3.99, On sale $3.00/1, used $1.50/1 = $1.50 each!}
• 2 Bag Cape Cod Chips, 8.5 oz {For Mr. Not So Paleo} { Normally $3.00 each, On Sale $5/2, used $1/2 Coupon = $2.00 each!}
• 2 Jones All Natural Sausages {Normally $2.99 each, on Sale $2.69, used $2.00/2 Coupon =$1.69 each}
• 2 Dozen Eggs {$2.49 each, used $0.55/2 Coupon = $2.21 Each}
• 2 Pasta Prima Fresh Raviolis {Normally $2.50, On Sale $1.99, used $1.50/1 Coupon = $0.49 each!}
• 1 bag Kitty Treats, $1.50 {If I didn’t come home with some she was going to pack her kitty bags!}
• Tomatoes, On Sale $0.99/lb, Spent $1.10
• Lunch Meat For Mr. Not So Paleo, $2.49

So I spent… $23.65 on $39.03 worth of stuff… And I’m going to have one very Happy Yiayia when she gets her club crackers tomorrow.. which is a bonus!

*** Only 3 of the coupons came from my newspaper, the rest were from various online sources….So no, you don’t have to get the paper to save money and coupon!

All in all I spent $47.23 for $95.68 worth of various products. Yes, I am one happy camper.. Have I had better trips before? Yes… yes I have.. this is one of my middle of the road woohoo trips. But all things considered I’m wicked happy. And I can safely say I won’t need Aluminum foil until the big sale in July! {Yes… July = fourth of July = Aluminum Foil Sale!}

And lets put this into major perspective… I spent… $6.38 on 4 Rolls On Aluminum Foil {the 70-75 sq.ft}… which would have normally cost me… 15.96… and when I run out, I’m not going to have to pay full price.. I’m not going to even have to stress about leaving the house and wasting gas money to get it if I need it in a pinch, it’s there for me when I’m ready. Which is not only smart money spending… it makes my life simpler and easier {which really is what stocking up does}.

I’m going to do a 101 post on how I prep for this / coupon {it’s easy and quick} But if you need help planning out a trip w/ coupons.. email me {} I’ll help you plan it out!


We're going to be the kind of friends who talk about food, saving money and awesomeness!


  1. c says

    you didnt really buy paleo food- you bought household items. that doesnt count as paleo couponing. sorry.

    • says

      I disagree, I did buy real paleo food items {eggs, sausages, coffee and they had coupons}, but I also was able to stock up on very important household items, that because I didn’t pay full price for are going to allow me in the future to be able to buy food. The idea of couponing isn’t just to get great deals on items at that one moment, but to allow you to do other things with your money down the road. So by doing this, I’ve allowed myself extra meat, fresh veggies, and not to be stressed about having to balance it and regular household items like paper towels, pads, razors, etc. Which to me is Paleo Couponing. We can’t coupon like regular SAD diet people, so we have to get creative.

    • says

      I disagree [as well]. Stocking up on necessary items through sales + coupons at rock bottom prices means more money in your pocket.

      For instance, money to splurge on that grass-fed/finished beef & free-range chicken eggs & meats.

  2. says

    Great job!
    I was a couponer for 2+ years, and then all but stopped once we started eating Paleo/Primal. But I also had a pretty huge stockpile of razors/paper towels/TP/etc. but I’m thinking of starting back up in it again. I just get annoyed because I know most of the coupons in the inserts I won’t use, so it’s hard to justify buying more than the 1 paper I get delivered to my house…

  3. says

    I cant wait for your 101 post on how you lay this out! I used to be a ‘couponer’ pre-paleo but now I dont even coupon for non-food items anymore because of all of the chemicals and crap they put in shampoos, ect. I would love to see how you get around this.

  4. Francine says

    I know this is a pretty old post, but the Safeway app really saved me some money tonight!!! I’m on a savings high so I thought I’d respond, haha. I spent $100 on what would have been $150, it was a savings of 33%. I bought produce, chicken, and canned veggies as well. Also some glass food containers, yogurt (not paleo). And the good thing is the more you spend the more you’ll save because they give you personalized deals in addition to man. Coupons and sale prices. It was all things I had on my shopping list, not things I bought because I was going to save a few cents. Woo!!! Safeway was actually cheaper than Walmart for a vast majority of items, score!!!

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