Sweet Mashed Potatoes

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I think we’ve all been together for long enough now that you know I have an obsession with the sweet potato. They’re noms with a side of awesome, and you can make them so many different ways. This is my favorite hot-day way to make them, because lets face it, I’m not turning on my oven in my tiny {3rd floor} apartment in the middle of a heat wave {not that we’ve had one yet.. but you know what I mean}. Anyhoo, this is also cool because you can either boil your sweet potatoes quickly or you can do what my Daddy does and turn it on low and boil it slower, depending on what else is going on that day in the kitchen, it totally can go at your pace!

I mash my taters by hand… But here’s the skinny.. you have a non stick pot you do not use a metal potato masher, use one like this: KitchenAid Nylon Potato Masher otherwise you’re going to wreck your pot after a while, and half the deal with being on a budget is keeping your stuff in tip top shape for as long as possible…. $12.00 now could save you from having to spend $50 or $60 down the road {you can also get this at Target, Walmart, K-mart, etc etc}.

Oh and as a P.S. Before I give you the recipe… tomorrow I’m heading to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods so I’ll more then likely being doing a tweet-along because those are fun… so make sure you’re following me on twitter {@paleoonabudget}. So we can all giggle at whatever crazy stuff I find!

• 2 Sweet Potatoes
• 1/2 Medium Onion, Rough Medium Chop
• 2-4 sprigs of Rosemary
• Dried Basil
Paleo Mayo
• Salt + Pepper
• Kerry Gold Butter {or  you could use coconut oil or ghee}

How To:
• Fill a pot with water set it on the stove and wash off your sweet potatoes. Then chop your sweet potatoes up into a decent size cube {mine are normally like an inch-ish}. And yes I keep the skin on my potatoes… it’s yummy and adds texture, but whatever floats your boat is good.  Then chop up your half an onion {medium-rough chop}, toss it all in the pot, add in your rosemary sprigs and put the lid on {kind of half on, so steam can escape}, and let it boil and cook. You’ll know your potatoes are cooked when they’re fork tender.

• When done, pull out the rosemary sprigs {you’ll probably have lost leaves and have just the stem or mostly stem..which is a good thing} and drain off your potatoes. Don’t loose your onions! Those are yummy!

• Add in a few tbsps of butter, dash of basil, Salt + Pepper and a good spoonful of mayo {trust me on this one}. Mash it all together with your handy-dandy masher. Mr. Not So Paleo and I are very much into mashed potato w/ texture… so I literally give it a quick mash. If you like super creamy potatoes, you might want to whip out the hand mixer and go to town on it {or the stand mixer}. If you do that…. put everything into a separate bowl, don’t beat up your pretty pot like that! Taste test and add whatever you need more of.

Boom it’s done. Easy right? Exactly.. The rosemary will be a nice background flavor… if you love rosemary you can more sprigs when boiling or you can add some fresh in the potatoes after you mash ’em up {instead of basil}.


-hint hint, these make great leftovers so make extra and serve with eggs the next morning for a wicked easy breakfast!


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