Roasted Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet Potato Spears-Paleo

I love these things. If I could eat one food along side meat all day everyday, it’d be these Roasted Sweet Potatoes. You can cut them thickly, thinly or in the middle as I’ve done here. This will make your cooking time vary. Just watch them closely after your timer goes off and try not to eat them all before you plate them {it’s so hard to resist!}

{This batch is for two people, I generally make 1 sweet potato per person}

• 2 Sweet Potatoes
• Herb of Choice {I used Fresh Rosemary, but dried herbs work great here too}
• Olive Oil
• Salt + Pepper

How  To:
• Pre-Heat oven to 400{F}
• Rinse off your sweet potatoes {keep the skin on} and lop off the ends.
• Cut them in half widith wise, then in half length wise. From there continue to cut length wise to create pieces for your desired thickness. {normally I’ll cut the “middle” pieces in half length wise again because they’re so much thicker than the others}.
• Dump onto baking tray, drizzle with Olive Oil, Salt + Pepper and herb of choice {as much or as little as you want}
• Bake in oven. For thin ones start at 20 minutes, for medium ones start at 30 minutes and for thicker ones start at 40-45 minutes, and then watch them from there if not fully cooked!

I like to serve these with a loose garlic-y mayo {loosen with lemon juice or water or both} or honey mustard {just use some raw honey and mustard, mix well together!}


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