Cube Steak

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I’ve noticed a lot of you guys are asking for my cube steak recipe whenever I talk about it. And well, here it is! Now fair warning, this is insanley easy and fast. I’ve done the whole “breading” it thing with almond flour or coconut flour and dredging it in eggs, but lets be honest for a second. You all know me, know I hate dishes and well…that whole process requires more dishes and more mess. Not to mention egg-goo + Almond flour on your hands is kinda not as fun as it sounds {at least for me}. So this is my compromise because Mr. Not So Paleo LOVES cube steak, always has always will. Me? I like it too — now that I’ve simplified it.

One addition you won’t see in the picture that I love to do is caramelize up some onions while the steaks are cooking and add it on top when plating. Oh man, oh man. Talk about an epic win. The best part about these pretty little bad boys? Depending on how many you’re cooking and how thick they are…you could literally have dinner for two done in the time it takes you to make a steam-fresh bag of broccoli in the microwave for your side dish.

I know right…amazing! I love the quick and the easy.

{P.S. The picture you see above was my breakfast! So cube steak is now a double-epic-win because it’s so fast and easy you can even have it for breakfast in the time it takes you to fry up four eggs {two for me, two for Mr. Not So Paleo!}}

Cube Steak
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1
  • Cube Steak -- {One per person... I normally get them in packages of two -- I'll do ½ a lb total in the package if it's for breakfast and around a 1lb total in the package if it's for dinner}
  • Seasoning of some kind -- I like to use either Italian Seasoning, Dried Rosemary or Dried Parsley just pick your favorite!
  • Favorite kind of fat -- I cooked these in butter today but you could use coconut oil, bacon fat, etc
  • Salt + Pepper
  1. Get a big ‘ol skillet heating up with your favorite fat {hello butter!}.
  2. While that’s heating, sprinkle your seasoning, salt + pepper on one side of the cube steak — I try to do it while it’s still in the package if it’ll fit because I hate messing up an extra cutting board. But if you can’t in the package, just lay it out on a cutting board and you’re in business!
  3. With a pair of tongs put the steaks seasoned side down into the hot skillet w/ melted fat.
  4. While it starts to get all pretty on that side, season the side facing you.
  5. Flip it over a few minutes later, let it cook on the other side and boom. You’re done.


See, easy freakin’ peasy! I’m serious, I make these things when I’m beyond lazy. But I ONLY buy them when they’re on sale. And because a lot of people don’t eat cube steak they’re generally on sale. So stock up when you can and have them on hand for really any time of the day!



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  1. Carolyn Young says

    When I was living in WV I could buy cube steak, but now that I’m back in Canada there’s no such thing as cube steak. Of course, I never thought to enquire what cut it actually was before leaving the States. Do you have any idea what else it might be called, or what cut it is? I have bought “minute steak” up here, and my memories tell me that it’s not at all the same thing. Thanks! Oh, and I LOVE your recipes!

    • tazanya says

      Go to your local butcher (even the regular grocery SHOULD have the tool to do it), pick the cheapest cut of steak/roast/anything really, if it’s not already cut in steak sizes, ask the the butcher to tenderize the meat with his machine –> voila cube steak.

      Cube steak is just cheap steak that has been put through a mechanical tenderizer by the butcher. (technically you can do this yourself with a fork, but i find that it does not work AT ALL whatsoever)

  2. says

    I’ve always avoided buying cubed steak because I’ve had NO idea how to cook it! Bought some yesterday because they were super on sale, so excited to find this recipe!


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