Woohoo! A Three Week Meal Plan for you!

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Woohoo! It’s 2014 and I have a gift for you! I know it’s a little late, I’m wicked sorry! I totally didn’t realize that giving up coffee would sap the energy right out of me! But good news — I’m back to my normal hyper self for the most part and promise to do a whole post on the why, how and results of giving up coffee, decaf coffee, + some other stuff!

But back to the whole reason for this post! I have TWO gifts for you for this New Years!

ThreeWeekMealPlan copy >> Download the PDF Here <<

The first is a Three Week Dinner Meal Plan I came up! It includes links to the recipes that are on the blog as well as prep strategy for each week! I’m pretty pumped about this and if this is something you guys enjoy let me know so I can do it again in the Summer!

The other gift is something REALLY stellar — I’ve worked with an amazing group of bloggers to put together a 101 of sorts for Paleo!

paleoyourlife6 >> Download the PDF Here <<

It’s called Paleo your Life; a Beginner’s Guide to eating grain free!
If you’re new to Paleo or if you just want to brush up on some 101’s or take a peek at what I was working on over the Holidays Download it and enjoy!
And if this is something you enjoy let me know! The girls and I are thinking of making this an annual thing so feedback would be stellar!

So enjoy these and I’ll be back wicked soon with a fun, easy side dish and a Crock Pot Recipe!

Happy Monday!


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