Untraditional Trail Mix

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Before we get into trail mix — have you heard the song Harlem by New Politics? I can’t stop listening to it– I’m thinking it’ll be this summer’s song! I highly recommend checking it out … and that concludes today’s PSA.

And I know trail mix seems like the weirdest thing for me to talk about, and it is but I have a story for it I promise. You ready for it?

When I wrote my first book I had a snack I was obsessed with — Almond Butter, Apples and Grapes {or Raisins}. That was my go to when I wanted something to munch on while writing and watching yet another Lord of the Rings Marathon {don’t ask, I write better to LOTR — it’s totally cute right?}. Anyways, this book I wanted something different.

Why? Different book, different snack! Plus, Almond Butter is expensive and well, I want chocolate!


So I give you trail mix! I know, I know it’s so EASY — it’s sadly way easier than slicing up an apple and trying not to eat the entire container of almond butter while scooping out some it for the apples.

Few fun facts?
1. I like my trail mix cold — that’s right, I store it in the fridge, for some reason I end up eating it slower — which means I eat less of it so it lasts longer {sneaky I know ;)}
2. All ingredients are totally optional and you can add whateverΒ  you’ve got floating around — I just happen to have an obsession with all these ingredients
3. I plan on battling for Middle of the Earth {aka watch Lord of the Rings} while I go into meal planning land and eat more of this trail mix
4. Raw nuts are the best option here — and I don’t like seeds because they’re a little messy and I’m just not a seed fan, but you could totally add in some pumpkin seeds!
5. If you eat a whole bowl container of this in one go — it’s not my fault! This stuff is addictive!
6. No, I don’t eat my trail mix in a pretty bowl like in the pictures. Normally I eat it straight out of a tupperware container because I’m lazy.


Ok — enough of my fun facts, I’m not putting measurements just parts {so 1 part instead of cups} because it’s an eyeball thing — and the ratios don’t really matter, just make it yummy {wow that was very Tim Gun of me from Project Runway}.

Untraditional Trail Mix
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Snack
  • 1 part raw cashews
  • 1 part sliced raw almonds
  • 1.5 parts raisins
  • ¾ part chocolate chips {I used Enjoy Life -- they're dairy, soy and nut free!}
  1. Dump everything into a bowl and mix it all around
  2. Keep it stored in a container w/ a lid in the fridge!


Happy Friday!



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  1. Sandra says

    How are chocolate chips paleo? They have sugar, liquor, and other things that seem to me to not be “kosher” for paleo.

    • says

      Heyy Sandra!
      Chocolate falls into the “grey” area for paleo – brands like Enjoy Life are nut, dairy, soy, and gluten free and they’re liquor is alcohol-free! So really the only questionable ingredient is the sugar and as a treat or an every now and again deal I think it’s totally fine. If let’s say you have a really big problem with regular sugar or your goals don’t allow for sugar consumption or you can’t tolerate it you could always look into 100% pure chocolate and sweeten it yourself with raw honey or maple syrup if you’d still like a treat!

  2. Kimmi says

    ohhhhh my goodness. Cooking to LOTR….love it. Happens to be my favorite “secret ingredient” as well! Glad I’m not the only Paleo LOTR geek out there!

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