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Heyy there!
This has gone from being just the shopping list section of POAB to the “free download” section! Below you’ll find two different shopping lists {Stock Up + Weekly}, a Pantry-ish list, a free three week meal plan and a free e-book that I co-wrote with an amazing group of bloggers! Feel free to download one or all of these and let me know if you have any questions!

Don’t forget you can put this on your mobile device or tablet too to take to the grocery store with you! Just go to the site from your mobile device and/or tablet and hit the download button! For apple products you’ll then be able to find the lists in iBooks under “PDF” {I don’t know where the list would end up on an android or windows system — sorry!}.


Stock Up Shopping List
This is a list of almost everything you could think of needing including household items! Just make sure to only get what you need to stock up on — you don’t have to get specific items every time you stock-up shop if you have plenty already! stockupgrocerylistimage { Download Stock Up Shopping List HERE }


Weekly Shopping List
It’s roughly how I shop every week now. It’s a bit different than the older list, but I think it’s much more streamline and allows for variety without buying a million and one things :)

grocerylistimage {Download Weekly Shopping List HERE}


Pantry List
I’ve also made a “pantry” list — but it’s not really a pantry only list {heck I don’t even have a pantry — I have a corner cabinet and a fridge and a big bowl on the counter}. This is more an everything I could think of that is budget friendly that’s paleo. You don’t in any way stretch or form have to have all of this stuff on hand, heck I don’t even have all this stuff on hand — I have maybe half the list at any given time. But it’s purpose is to give you guys a starting off point for your own set of supplies. So don’t take this as the end-all-to-be-all list!

pantrylistimage {Download Pantry List HERE}


Free Three Week Dinner Meal Plan
You read that right! This is a FREE three week dinner meal plan with prep-strategy! Enjoy!!!!

ThreeWeekMealPlan {Download FREE Three Week Dinner Meal Plan HERE!}